SofLens Toric For Astigmatism (6 Lenses Per Box)

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Package Details

6 Lenses Per Box
Annual Supply:
8 Boxes (4 Per Eye)
Wear Schedule:
Daily (Daily Wear) Or Six Consecutive Nights (Extended Wear)
2 Weeks (Daily Wear) Or Six Consecutive Nights (Extended Wear)
Lens Material:
Alphafilcon A
Bausch & Lomb


SofLens Toric contact lenses for astigmatism are specially designed to provide stable vision for people with astigmatism. Lens stability is achieved through the patented Lo-Torque design, while the optics of the lens refocus light to a single point. This gives you clearer and sharper vision than you could get with traditional contact lenses. SofLens Toric contacts are best for people in their twenties and thirties who need an easy-to-wear, bi-weekly lens. Astigmatism no longer has to get between you and a pair of great contacts.